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Newrisk Limited offers organisations and governments the benefit of specialist business expertise to understand and prepare for catastrophic and extreme risk incidents that might otherwise threaten business viability, government stability or public health.

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Every client - whether an organisation or government body - has unique business continuity and risk management needs for protection against catastrophic and extreme risk incidents. Newrisk Limited is able to analyse client requirements and provide best-practice solutions to ensure that clients are insulated from the severity of such incidents and risks.

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Newrisk Limited operates across all industry sectors and can respond quickly and efficiently to business requests for services. There are a range of services from which clients can choose or a package of services can be suggested upon request. Further details of Newrisk Limited's established expertise and services are accessible through the site menu or by contacting Newrisk Limited directly with a request for further information.


Newrisk Limited's areas of expertise cover the preparation for, and response to, catastrophic and extreme risk events as well as major incidents and business continuity.

Dr Leivesley is, on behalf of Newrisk Limited, ideally qualified to provide advisory services to organisations and governments and her practice background, publications, presentations and media are listed under the following areas of expertise:

Audit Assurance Risk Aviation Expertise Biological Threats Catastrophic Risk CBRNE Expertise Chemical Threats Continuity Planning Expertise Criminal Justice Expertise Cyber Security Expertise Defence and Policing Expertise Disasters Expertise Education Expertise Emergency Services Expertise Explosives Incidents Financial Threats Expertise Insurance Expertise London in 2012 Nuclear Incidents Radiological Incidents Reputation Management ExpertiseRisk Management Expertise Terrorism & Security Expertise Transportation Security Expertise

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Dr Sally Leivesley



  • CBRN


Nuclear and cyber threats are emerging as national security issues that require new thinking on the security of critical facilities, development of fast information services to the public and a change in analysis of cyber security of critical systems. This includes nuclear facilities, water, transport, communications and many other integrated cyber services including smart grids that support very large dense populations in conurbations.  A new risk environment needs to be mapped for cities with real-time data on the status of services, global threats, local intelligence and vulnerabilities and the health status of critical cyber systems with scenarios to encourage sustainability of cyber systems to deliver services regardless of cyber- attacks or natural incidents. Two countries are potential hot spots for nuclear weapon’s effects.  The first, South Korea, is under threat of North Korean weapons – there is a potential fourth nuclear test in preparation along with short range rocket tests that may carry nuclear warheads at whatever scale of warhead miniaturisation that the North Koreans can achieve with the assistance of other nuclear countries not conforming to the IAEA agreements. The second country, Iran, has been under threat from Israel which perceives a serious danger from the Iranian nuclear programme and the increased capability of Hezbollah from its involvement with Syria which has advanced weapons systems. Alongside conflicts, population centres and transport carry risks of natural biological disasters- Ebola from West Africa entering cities, swine flu in a child illegally entering the US (arriving from Central America) and MERS virus in Saudi. 

Countermeasures to reduce any emerging threat to the public in the UK and other countries from the rapid advances of ISIL in Iraq will require support by the public to police and intelligence services as well as military support in the event of ‘Westgate Mall’ style attacks to reduce the danger of mass casualties. The brutality of ISIL’s visual social media messaging & videos is an enticement to sympathisers to promote attacks in other countries. Beheading of hundreds of soldiers in Tikrit after its seizure on 11 June delivered a brutal message that weakened Iraq’s army.  In London in May 2013, an attempted decapitation of an off-duty soldier identified how global media will focuses on this brutal crime.  National security threats in many countries may now encompass individual murders of this type as well as militia style attacks on secure facilities and on iconic sites where seizure of the public (false hostage taking with the intent to kill) will create global perceptions of power of terror networks.  The movement of weapons to home countries by foreign fighters may increase the risk of high powered weapons, vehicle bombs, suicide vehicle bombs, grenades, rockets and other devices.  Stolen  MANPADS (surface to air missiles) may be the most serious threat because of the risk to civil aviation.